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Kurt / Blaine | Be my forever

The last time I edited a fanvideo for these two, I was crying non stop because it was so depressing… You can watch it here if you want, but don’t forget to bring tissues…


So, this time, I chose a more lighthearted song with a happier feel to it. I just fell in love with this song, and when I listened to it for the first time, I knew it was these two written all over it :)

Since we’ve been getting more downs than ups since Blaine has moved to NY, I thought, hey here’s a positive video, enjoy :)

Thank you for watching, and if you really loved it, feel free to let me know ;)

Cynthia xx

The Doctor and Rose Tyler | Love story meets Viva la vida (InspirationxStrikes)


I know that this isn’t a new video but since I have no time to edit a video to celebrate the 50th anniversary episode, then I thought that I would re-upload one of my favorite Doctor / Rose video that I’ve ever made to celebrate the return of Ten and Rose :)

To those who have already seen this video when I first uploaded it in 2009, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing it again :)

To those who are watching it for the first time, I hope you will enjoy it despite the old fashioned editing. 

Anyway, thank you for watching!!

Cynthia x

(I did not have time to re-edit so the birthday message for my friend is still there… also I’m not misscynthia17 anymore)

Chris Colfer / Darren Criss - Baby, I don’t give a damn (warning for some s5 filming spoilers) (by InspirationxStrikes)

*dedicated to all CrissColfer lovers out there <3 *

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Merlin - Turn my grief to grace… (by cynth j)

Kurt & Blaine - So close but still so far… (by InspirationxStrikes)

{ Download Link }

I’m warning you, before pressing play, make sure you sure you have tissues with you because I’m being completely serious when saying that I was sobbing at some points while editing the clips together…

Free box of tissues:


*hugs in advance*

Okay, so about the video now:

I’m sure you noticed that this is my first video of them since season 3 aired, more precisely since 3.17. 

Season 4 has been truly heartbreaking for these two, I was so affected by the break up that I decided to detach myself a little from the show so I wouldn’t break down crying each time the couple was mentioned or one of their songs was playing…

But after 4.15 and the CWM scene, I just lost it and so I needed an outlet for the emotions that have built up since 4.04. 

As for the choice of song, it actually happened because I was listening to itunes on shuffle and suddenly the song came on and it just hit me how much the lyrics fitted them. Then, I had the idea to sort of use the CWM clips in a similar way as it has been done in the episode with flashbacks and parallels between the CWM performance and actions that both characters have done.

Spoiler alert:

This doesn’t have a happy ending. It somehow gives a similar conclusion than the CWM dream did in the episode. They’re both still close, their love has not faded but for now they’re still the distance, one of them is still not ready to let go of his protective wall and trust again and the other accepted to stay away and give space and time until they can be together again.

You may notice that I used a similar glowy/blurry effect for some of the clips. I really liked the way the flashbacks were edited in the performance (although, low blow because that was painful…) so I decided to use it again for more flashbacks (I’m evil, didn’t you know?)

I hope that you’ll forgive me if the video made you cry… *hugs you tight*

And let’s all remember “I believe in happy endings” even though right now, things don’t look too bright, there’s hope and we need to hold on to that. 

If you’ve read all this, you deserve a cookie and a baby cupcake.

Thank you for watching.

I would love to hear some feedbacks but I’d understand if you couldn’t write anything because you’ve drowned in your tears *hugs again*



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Merlin / Arthur - I’ll wait for a thousand years (Major Spoilers for 5x13) (by InspirationxStrikes)

Special dedication to the amazing people I have met thanks to the fandom! Without you, the past five years would not have been as magical. I feel really lucky to have met some of you and built friendships over our love for the show! I hope that this video will bring a smile to my merthur friends and subscribers because BBC stole Christmas this year but with the amazing people in the Merlin fandom, we can still allow the magic and love of our boys to live on! And don’t forget that Merlin and Arthur will be reunited some day :) (maybe it happened on the 21st since the world did not end, they probably saved us and now they’re living together for the rest of eternity.)

This is beautiful and amazing and everyone needs to watch it.

Here’s a download link (in case youtube gets mean and deletes it)


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Merlin / Arthur - I’ll wait for a thousand years (Major Spoilers for 5x13) (by InspirationxStrikes)

Special dedication to the amazing people I have met thanks to the fandom! Without you, the past five years would not have been as magical. I feel really lucky to have met some of you and built friendships over our love for the show! I hope that this video will bring a smile to my merthur friends and subscribers because BBC stole Christmas this year but with the amazing people in the Merlin fandom, we can still allow the magic and love of our boys to live on! And don’t forget that Merlin and Arthur will be reunited some day :) (maybe it happened on the 21st since the world did not end, they probably saved us and now they’re living together for the rest of eternity.)

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This must be how it feels to hava a home / I love you Laura <3

Hey Honey,
So this was supposed to be done much sooner and to another song at first but then I just couldn’t stop thinking about you while listening this one and we both know that you love this song (I even kept the best bit of the song in *winks* )
Anyway, it turned out to become the first part of your Christmas present :) 
I know I’ve said it already but I’ll repeat it now; Thank you for everything Honey! Thank you for making all the arrengelent and coming when I was feeling so down that it was nearing depression. You helped A LOT ! 
It was a great week and I loved having you at my house (and so did my parents and Jenny, Damien was not there much so I have no idea lol). I know that since I’m still not able to drive our activities were pretty limited but it was really great spending time with you. Next time you’ll come, I’ll have a car and we’ll visit some of our best castles of the region Morgana ;) 

Editing this video made me feel nostalgic. I really do miss you and hope that our next meeting will be soon. I’ll also be more open (being down and a first, I’m kinda shy but still you managed to get throygh my walls in the end so you’re definitely a keeper :D )

About the last bit of the video, it’s supposed to be the goodbyes at the train station, you know with all the ‘don’t cry’, ‘i’m trying’ and then, well I failed and then we both did… I want to hug you right now *sighs* this distance… 

Anyway, I hope you’ll love the video and that you’re having a good day. I found a super cute card to send you and I may or may not have a little surprize planned (if I get around to do it soon enough lol) so yeah, I’ll tell you when all is sent :D 

Take care !!!
I love you !


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I’ve created this journal quite a while ago but all the links had to be updated. So, over the past three days, I’ve re-uploading all the videos, the list is not completed yet.

Here are the ones that you can already download:

Merlin / Arthur | 500 Miles (by InspirationxStrikes)


OMG! Another Merlin video already ?!! XD

I hope you won’t get tired of it because I actually have quite a lot of inspiration for these two. I guess that once opened, the dam broke and flooded my mind ;) 

So, about this video. It is quite special because my very first Merlin video was to this song. I had only started watching the show a month before then and series 2 was still airing. I had to catch up because I was a bit late in the episodes. I decided to make a video about what I prefered on the show and well, that was Merlin & Arthur. As hard as it will be for you to believe it, I did not ship them as a couple back then. But well, through the video, you could already see telling hints that it would only be a matter of time. 

Now, three years later, I decided to revisit the song and make a longer video. 

If you’ve never seen the first version of the video, here’s a link to download it:


Since then, a lot of things has happened to our boys. It seemed fitting to do a longer version of the video because I had not used the full song in the first one and also it was a bit incomplete. Now, we have so many scenes to use and it’s always fun to edit something lighter and humorous. 

I hope that you will enjoy watching, that it’ll make you smile and even laugh. 

I had a lot of fun editing all the scenes together (I did not even run out of clips of them walking XD).

Please rate and/or comment if you liked it. It may seem easy to edit a video, especially when you had one published a few days before, but it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to even manage to finish one, then there’s all the hours it takes to render the video in the best quality possible. 

Thank you for watching!



Merlin & Arthur | Before we turn to Stone… (by InspirationxStrikes)

Download link

Hello everyone !

It’s been such a long time since I last posted a Merlin video… I’m really sorry for letting all my Merlin subbies down but well, the fandom is filled with talented people so the whole I left was barely noticeable :P

On to the video.

So, I have several things to say to explain my choice of clips to fit some of the lyrics. Mostly I wanted to show the relationship between Merlin and Arthur, not the ones from the legend but the two men, beyond the pages of story books. I wanted to show their friendship and how it evolved. The way they support each other no matter what. I also tried to show some of their happier times, moments where they were completely carefree.

But the song has so many layers, so here’s how I interpreted it. The fact that Arthur and Merlin need each other in their life is something really important in their relationship. It’s something that we witnessed when they were both willing to sacrifice their lives for one another. But it’s also a great weakness for them, something that others have realized and can take advantage on. That’s why I chose to show that it could be their downfall. But it is also one of their greatest strength. I don’t think that neither Merlin nor Arthur would have grown into the men they are now if they had never met. They commit mistakes but it helps them grow. They both lost a parent(or two in Arthur’s case). The loss of their father meant a new step for both of them. Merlin became the last dragonlord and Arthur was crowned King of Camelot. They gained a new power and with that came great responsibilities. But they’re both still young, and sometimes, they don’t know how to handle this much power. They’re misguided and it changes them, sometimes not for the best. But Merlin will always be by Arthur’s side and Arthur will always want him there. They know they’re not perfect and they’re aware that they need guidance. They have found that in each other. They’ll grow into the legend that we all know and love. They both share a great love and sense of protection for Camelot. The kingdom will be safe in their hands, no matter who will try to attack them.

As Gaius said to Merlin once “I believe that you and Arthur are destined for greatness.”

My Kurt / Blaine (and Kurt or Blaine) fanvideos | A Masterpost



I’ll reblog this with the updated links each time I’ve re-uploaded an old video or posted a new one.

Enjoy :)


Kurt & Blaine - The Love of my Life

I felt like I needed to express all that pent up emotion in video again. I don’t really know how to describe this one. It’s a tribute to how far they’ve come but also shows that they are not perfect, they do make mistakes but their love is just so strong. I do have faith in them for the year to come, I also have my fears but well, if they don’t repeat the same mistakes, then I think they’ll be ok. 

Also, I just want to say that I was so impressed by both C&D’s acting! Seriously, these two deserve an award. 

I apologize in advance if I made anyone cry… 
*hugs and box of tissues for you all*

Thanks for watching :)

Cynthia x

k&b - tribute (by InspirationxStrikes)

Download link (in case youtube fucks up…)

I don’t really know what to say about this video. I heard the music the othe dayr and I just needed to do something with it and since lately, I’ve been crazy about these two (one year anniversary last week), I thought I’d do a little tribute. 
Now, this started being a tribute to both characters and how they changed each other’s life and saved one another, but well. You’ll notice that the video focuses more on Kurt from the middle of the video to the end. I think I just went with the flow of the music and edited without really thinking. That’s why, to some of you, this won’t really make much sense but well, I tried to at least keep the emotional side of their story.

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Quinn & Rachel | She is the sunligh; the sun is gone. [AU] (by InspirationxStrikes)

This may be needed:

This is something that has been nagging me since the episode aired and I heard this song afterwards. I definitely wanted to do some kind of tributes but this turned out more storyline than tribute… It’s got an AU twist towards the end because we still don’t know how the accident plot will be resolved. For the headcanon/storyline here: At first, Q&R were like ennemies and Q never thought she’d ever consider R a friend, least even more. But things change, people change and surprize you. R only sees her as a friend and wants to get close to her, especially during their senior year, during which they’ve grown closer. R said yes to marry F. S knows about Q’s confusion about her sexuality and also about her feelings for R. Q tries to move on, to convince herself that she can, but when F annouces that the wedding will be sooner, she realizes that she can’t let go. She tries, though, for R because she truly believes that she can be happy with F. R is happy that Q is accepting and will come to the wedding after all. But then the accident happens and everything changes. 
R cuts herself from everyone but Kurt. She stays at the hospital during Q’s operation. Both Q&R have this dream/fantasy about finding each other the day of the accident and getting married. But things don’t look good for Q. She dies for a few seconds and R can sense her presence next to her. Q asks her if she ever loved her and R realizes that yes, she really does love her. Then the surgeons manage to bring Q back to life. She wakes up hours later and R is at her side telling her that she never want to lose her again and that she’s sorry for everything.

If you have any problems understanding the voiceovers, I’ve added them in the youtube description.