One photoset per ship: Lancelot & Guinevere {Merlin}

'For as long as I live, my feelings for you will never fade.'

One photoset per ship: Merlin & Arthur {Merlin}

I’ve seen how much he needs you, how much you need him. You are like two sides of the same coin.’

One photoset per ship: Michael Scoffield & Sarah Tancredi {Prison Breafk}

'The first thing they tell you when you take on the job is never to fall in love with an inmate.'

One photoset per ship: Kurt Hummel / Blaine Anderson {Glee}

You’re the love of my life, Kurt.

17 Jun 22:43
2 years ago
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One photoset per Ships : Chris & Jal {Skins}

One photoset per Ships : Sam Tyler & Annie Cartwright {Life On Mars}

'What should I do Annie?'


17 Jun 19:18
2 years ago
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One photoset per Ships : Rory Gilmore & Jess Mariano {Gilmore Girls}

One photoset per Ships : The Doctor & Rose Tyler {Doctor Who}

'The Doctor with Rose Tyler in the TARDIS, just as it should be'